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From the East Coast where the line originated to descendants of the herd that first came to Texas, our customers have a wide selection to choose from and you can too!

Webber's Grove has over 69 does and bucks.  We offer a wide selection of bloodlines from myotonic breeders across the nation: Shade Tree Acres, Hillside Acres, B's Barn, Woody Creek Farm, Red Bud Eight, SJO, Caroline Dowell Ranch, Pint Size Ranch, Twin Harts Ranch, Hoshi, Goat Springs Ranch, Adventure Farms, Apache Landing, Bending Tree Ranch, WE410, Take Heart, Faint-Hearted Ranch, S-L, Cripple Creek, Coyote Creek, Wolf River, Hollywood Acres, Prairie View University, Bakken's Farm, Up Sage, Fainters Friendly Farm and Moonlight Farms.

Our bloodlines feature MGR National Champions, Permanent Grand Champions, Grand Champions and Reserved Grand Champions.

Webber's Grove specializes in a distinct genetic line of Texas fainters.  Their history dates from the 1930s when Boone Heap traveled to Tennessee and purchased a herd of myotonics.  He allowed them to roam south of the Austin area where the predators took their toll.  What remained were bigger, stronger goats that could hold their own against the natural elements.  We acquired several bucks from a closed herd descended from the original Texas lines.  In 2012, we were recognized by the SVF Foundation who requested to preserve this rare line in their genetic bank.  

For more information about the availability of our Texas and Tennessee myotonic goats, call or text us at 512-573-5849.


If interested, call 512-573-5849 and discuss what you are looking for and we will send you current photographs. 

Dian Naumann of Shade Tree Acres in Garfield, Texas passed away in June of 2020. Dian was an early fainting goat preservationist.  Her Myotonic Goat Registry Breeder (MGR) number was #003.  While the majority of her herd was sold to off-set funeral costs, there remained a few pregnant does that we couldn't bring ourselves to send to auction.  At this time, they reside in the bottom acres of our farm.  This herd's bloodlines are one of the remaining early Texas pedigrees.  Webber's Grove will continue to preserve this important early genetic line.  When their photographs were posted on Facebook, MGR breeders throughout the United States commented...

Christina Mick Brown I love the traditional, preserved traits of the myos. They are beautiful. I’d never want to purchase from anyone who hasn’t worked to preserve this.  Hardy, parasite resistant, and built like a tank.                                                                                   There’s nothing more beautiful than a traditional myotonic bred by someone who has worked hard to                                                                                               preserve the breed.                                                  

Courtney Church  : I appreciate you continuing this line that has made such an impact on the breed!

Beth Kornegay  : I love them . Thank you for keeping that bloodline alive.

Mackenzie Jurek: I love the old lines! I have few does that goes back to the old lines on both sides and I just love them. To me, you can't beat the old lines and they are treasures. Back in 2012, when I first learned about the breed, it got me to study and searching them heavily.... I fell in love with the big massive animals with great bone to meat ratio. The easy keepers, docile and not much input in them was even more incredible for the amount of massive that's on them.

A Few of the STA Does at 

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