Webber's Grove Farm

Webber's Grove Farm is located near the state capitol of Texas.  Tracing the land's history, our 100 acre farm once belonged to John and Sylvia Webber, an early Texas Pioneer family.  We honor this family's heritage and value the importance of preserving our past. 

To learn more about John and Sylvia Webber visit http://www.tshaonline.org/handbook/online/articles/WW/fwe59.html

Webber's Grove is a working farm. Visitation to purchase a goat must be made in advance.  Most of the time, our goats are in the forest, out of sight and very reluctant to leave the rich bounty that Mother Nature has placed before them.  If we know you are coming, our goats can be kept up in their small overnight pastures.  That is why mornings are best, right after their breakfast kibble.  

When you come, we expect you to wear sturdy clothes. Open-toed shoes are not encouraged because of nettle and stickers. There are fire ants, scorpions as well as poisonous snakes on our property.  It is advised to keep on open paths and watch where you are treading.  Our goats are Texas tough and you should be too.  

We welcome all people who want to "talk goat."  However, we are not a tourist attraction. Petting goats, letting them eat out of your hands and what is considered family-friendly fun activities is not us.  Instead, we are willing to discuss barber-pole worms and other parasites, FAMACHA, fecal analysis, feed, hay, minerals, hoof trimming, vaccinations and other management skills.  We want you to be informed and happy with your new purchase.

We sell live goats for pets, breeding, show and meat. The boys are intact.  We do not butcher or allow folks to slaughter on our property.  We simply do not have the USDA approved equipment.  If you are interested in purchasing a goat for meat, you will either butcher it at your home or take it to a local meat processing company. Understand, that these facilities process pigs, steers, lambs as well as goats from area farms.  They, too, must be contacted in advance.  

If you want to know more, or schedule an appointment, you can email us, text or call at


Text : 512-573-5849

Eve & John Williams

20810 Blake Manor Road

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