Myotonic Ancestors - Photographs of Fainting Goats from the Past  

This is a work in progress.  Dian Naumann of Shade Tree Acres left a treasure trove of goat photographs, images of fainting goats through the early years of the Myotonic Goat Registry, the International Fainting Goat Association, the Fainting Goat Club Association and American Tennessee Fainting Goat Association.  Many of them make up the foundations of herds throughout the United States and Canada.  To see where we were and where we are now is priceless. And, to see pictures that are in our great, great grandparents pedigrees and even earlier is something that should be shared. We hope that you enjoy our tribute to myotonics through the years.  

MGR# A0028 Goulet's Ranch Gerico

MGR# A0093 Shade Tree Acres Something Special

MGR# A0634 SJO Twister

MGR# A0609 Shade Tree Acres Cambrick

MGR# A0616 Red Bud Eight Pretty Boy

MGR# A0628 Permanent Grand Champion Hillside Acres Pretty Special

MGR# A0626 Shade Tree Acres Traveler

MGR# A 0893 Woody Creek Farm Gunsmoke

MGR A1384 Woody Creek Farm Mr. Jigilo

MGR# A0363 Onion Creek Ranch John Doggett, Thank you to Sue Johnson of Ancient Valley Ranch in Rosamond, California for sharing the photograph. 

Red Bud Eight Galloway, International Fainting Goat Assoc. #2342, (Listed in MGR# no number) 

MGR# A0615, Redbud Eight Apple Jack, International Fainting Goat Association, 4610-D

Special thanks to Maggie Rabby of Hillside Acres for sharing the adjacent picture.  

MGR# A0614  Capragen One-O-Six

MGR# A0624  Shade Tree Acres Hobbs

MGR# A0826  Redbud Eight Knucklehead

MGR# A0637  Shade Tree Acres Bret

MGR# A0843 Shade Tree Acres Mister Gabby

MGR# A0848  Hillside Acres KoKo 

International Fainting Goat Association 4487-H, Kicking Bird Ranch Mickey Blue Eyes

MGR# A 1136 Apache Landing Cimarron.  Special thanks to Cindy Lynn Huggins of Jamcin Ranch in Missouri for sharing this photograph.  

MGR# A1115 Apache Landing Farm Yankee, Special thanks to Jill Wallace of Wallace's Crazy Acres Farm in Casey, Illinois.

MGR# A0049 Jazzberry -  A special thank-you to Lisa Ohling, Ahart Acres of Lebanon, Oregon for sharing this photograph 

MGR# A0636 Shade Tree Acres Nell

MGR# A0851 Shade Tree Acres Swirl

MGR# A0632 Shade Tree Acres Spicey

Shade Tree Acres Chantilly Lace, International Fainting Goat Assoc. 4611-H

MGR# A0361 Lazy Coyote Cricket

Special thanks to Sue Johnson of Ancient Valley Ranch located in Rosamond, California for sharing this photograph.

MGR# A1566 Shade Tree Acres Topnotch

Shade Tree Acres Cho Cho, MGR# A0612

Shade Tree Acres Serindippty (OCD56), MGR# A0613

MGR# A0608 Shade Tree Acres Ammi

MGR# A0635 Shade Tree Acres Ruby

MGR # A0863 Shade Tree Acres Daiquiri

MGR# A0622 Shade Tree Acres Gotmilk

Redbud Eight Pretty Girl (Listed in MGR, no number)