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You want winning broad-based genetics to preserve the breed and 

Webber's Grove has them.

Winner's Circle Show-Quality Myotonic Goats

While we can't guarantee a Grand Champion, these goats have what it takes.  They are show-stoppers: eye-catching, wide, long-bodied, heavily muscled with perfect structure from head to toe.  

             Doelings & Bucklings - $400.00 to $600.00     Wethers - $200.00

Not Every Goat Is A Star!   

Webber's Grove specializes in Texas-style myotonics.  These breeding-quality goats are solid; wide with heavy muscling and excellent for starting to build your herd as well as making great pets.  

                                Doelings & Bucklings - Starting at $200.00 to $375.00  

Micro-chipping is available upon request for an additional fee of $20/goat.

We can deliver within 100 miles of the Austin area. 

Mileage estimates are based on Google Map's calculation from our farm to yours  and back.  Cost is $.50/mile.

Webber's Grove Farm is centrally located near Austin.   To schedule an appointment, please either call, text (512-573-5849) or e-mail us in advance.   We will be delighted to show you our available goats.  Please tell us what you are interested in and we can have them sorted for your benefit.


Eve & John Williams

20810 Blake Manor Road

 Manor, TX 78653

Call or Text 512-573-5849