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Goats that guarantee
you to smile.

Tennessee Fainters, Myotonics, Wooden-Legs, Nervous Goats - whatever you may call them, are an American breed that is making a come-back from the brink of extinction.  Farmers have come to realize their genetic contributions and its importance to agriculture. They believe in preserving this American heritage breed for future generations.

These phenomenal meat goats are perfect for the small family farm.  They are treasured for their gentle nature, safe handling, exceptional mothering skill, intelligence, easy care, excellent health and parasite tolerance. 

Do they faint?  No. When excited or startled, they fall down with their legs sticking up in the air.  Scientists call it myotonia congenita.  It is a recessive genetic condition.  When they are mated to another breed, this trait disappears and the best of both qualities are carried over to their offspring. 

Like other goats, their meat is low in fat and cholesterol.   Although considered slow-growers, in a blind taste test, Tennessee Fainters won.  And, they have a higher meat to bone ratio. 

Myotonics are versatile. Their coats can be short, skirted, or long and silky.  They come in all sizes, colors and patterns.  They are eye-candy in the pasture and enjoy cleaning up the brush on your farm while offering the best fertilizer for your garden.   Myotonic goats are an excellent livestock choice when pursuing an agriculture exemption for your land.  Imagine lowering your taxes while having fun!


At Webber's Grove, we preserve the old-time Texas bloodlines.  Interested?  Call or text 512-573-5849 or hit the button and send us an e-mail.  

All baby goats are adorable
Grand Champion STA Spirit of Texas with her baby buck

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