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Tennessee Fainting Goats are National Treasures

In early Spring of 2000, Lisa Johnson of Coyote Creek Ranch a pioneer myotonic breeder wrote an article in The Goat Magazine.  We hope that this will be beneficial to everyone who is interested in the history and preservation of this breed.  Johnson's article particularly covers the range of diversity in myotonics - from pets to meat, milk to hair.  We appreciate their knowledge and contributions towards the preservation of myotonics, a national treasure.  If you would like to know more historical information, visit Sue Johnson of Ancient Valley Ranch  at

Myotonic Historical Articles


Sue Johnson and I share the same passions - history and fainting goats.  For many years, Sue, proprietor of Ancient Valley Ranch in California  gathered myotonic history.  If it wasn't for her, the following information may have been lost.  Although this information is still located on her website, she indicated that she may no longer continue and requested me to save it for people interested in fainting goat history.  Thank you, Sue! 

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